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                                           British GT






      Lotus Exige S British GT Special Edition - be part of a very exclusive winning team New Special Edition 
      commemorates historic first season GT3 Championship win This year in partnership with the 
      Cadena racing team, Lotus entered eighteen rounds of the British GT3 Championship with the stunning new 
      Lotus Sport Exige GT3 racecar. The season finished with the Lotus Sport Cadena Race Team being crowned 
      British GT3 Team Champions, with one race still remaining from their inaugural season of competition. 
      To celebrate this outstanding success, Lotus has launched the Lotus Exige S British GT Special Edition. 
      Based on the phenomenally quick standard-production Lotus Exige S, the Lotus Exige S British GT Special Edition 
      pays homage to the success of the Lotus Sport Exige GT3 racecar. Each vehicle features a quad-stripe 
      paint scheme and is individually identifiable by uniquely numbered `British GT' badges, Lotus Sport Cadena 
      supplier decals and silver 7 twin-spoke forged alloy wheels, along with unique sports seats, door trims and 
      Lotus Sport floor carpets. The Lotus Exige S British GT Special Edition is powered by a six-speed supercharged 
      1796 cc engine using advanced VVTL-i technology, enabling the car to sprint to 60 mph in only 4.1 seconds and 
      on to a top speed of 148 mph.

      But the performance doesn't stop there at the Lotus Exige S British GT Special Edition can go even quicker: 
      The Lotus Exige S is already one of the quickest cars on the road and one of the fastest road cars on the track,
      but add the optional GT Pack (a UK post-registration conversion) and the Lotus Exige S British GT Special Edition 
      becomes one of the quickest cars at any price, anywhere in the world. The GT Pack has been designed specifically 
      to enhance the car's performance for those drivers with even more extreme track day aspirations. It adds another 
      25 hp (from 218 hp to 243 hp) and 15.4 ft.lbs of torque (from 158.6 ft.lbs to 174 ft.lbs) which, as a Lotus is 
      always very light - in this case just 930 kg ≠ drops the 0 to 60 mph sprint to less than 4 seconds and increases 
      the top speed to 155 mph. Of course, this higher performance has led to a requirement for uprated brakes 
      (with 308 mm diameter 2-piece front discs with four piston calipers, uprated brake pads and silicone brake fluid), 
      2-way adjustible Öhlins dampers with uprated springs and an AccusumpTM oil control system.